The Athletic Body Blueprint™ 

Discover the 'Athlete Approach' Guys Are Using to Build Strength, Eliminate Bodyfat, and Increase Energy Levels so They can Look, Feel, and Perform Amazing for a Lifetime

In This Training You'll Discover

  • How to efficiently, effectively, and safely build a body that is "Athlete Strong" without spending hours in the gym working through old bodybuilding routines. 
  • How to approach fat loss using the "Athlete Way" and why it's a much more sustainable approach than what the "normal" fitness and nutrition gurus teach.
  • Why you need to forget the words "macros" and "calories" and what to focus on instead.
  • How to approach sleep and recovery so you can show up full of energy and ready to dominate every...single...day.
  • The 'Athlete Mindset' required to get results and then to actually SUSTAIN results.
  • How to gain access to a Team of experts on your journey just like elite level athletes do.

About Your Host:

Tony Bevilacqua

A former overweight, beer loving, cancer patient who went through hell and back in his late 20's, Tony eventually came out the other side with incredible insight about living a life full of health, opportunity, and service to others.

Today, with 23 years of professional coaching experience under his belt, Tony has helped 1000's of athletes from every sport imaginable, at every level imaginable, maximize their potential to look, feel, and perform their very BEST.

Most recently, Tony has worked extensively in the realm of CrossFit and Weightlifting, where he has developed and coached some of the best athletes in the World in BOTH sports.

Tony is now bringing his knowledge and expertise in all things nutrition, fitness, and recovery to you so you can transform your body into a strong, lean, high-performance machine.

Discover how the Athletic Body Blueprint is helping guys over 40 to finally build a high-performance body that is lean, strong, and performs great for a lifetime.

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